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Kitchen & Dining Timeless Redesign

This kitchen is a place where functionality meets fun, and every detail is tailored to host memorable gatherings. We've carefully crafted an innovative dining setup, ensuring it blends seamlessly with the kitchen, creating an open, inviting atmosphere. This is where great meals and great memories will be made.

Entryway Storage Redesign

We created function and beauty in a very narrow space.  We added this stunning slat wall, exuding both style and convenience. Our custom-built floating shelf and benches with hidden shoe storage provide sleek function, seamlessly blending into the modern design. Stylish hooks adorn the slat wall, providing practical hanging options without compromising the wall's sophisticated aesthetic. As the evening sets in, the backlit feature of the slat wall casts a dramatic, warm glow, transforming the space into an enchanting area of allure and function.

Fireplace Restyled

We have reinvigorated this fireplace, transforming it into a majestic centerpiece. By embracing a dark and moody color scheme, we've injected new life into the space. The deep, rich hues create a striking contrast, drawing the eye upward and emphasizing the impressive height of the room. Adding to this dramatic effect, a carefully curated selection of plants and fire glass introduces a vibrant splash of color, breathing life and energy into the area. 

Space Reimagined

This project was all about discovering the extraordinary potential of ordinary spaces.  In this project, the once mundane hallway has been reimagined into a stunning, dynamic space that exudes a chic yet natural aura. The result is a perfect reflection of our commitment to crafting spaces that are not only visually striking but also deeply resonant with the organic elegance of modern living.