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Welcome, where your home's refresh journey is as unique as you are! We understand that everyone's needs are different, and that's why our services are crafted to fit your specific desires and aspirations. Whether you're looking for a simple mood board to spark your imagination, a detailed layout design, a curated shopping list, or a complete, hands-on home makeover, we're here to meet you right where you are.

Our approach is all about making the process stress-free, enjoyable, and rewarding. We believe in turning the journey of refreshing your home into a welcomed adventure. So, sit back, relax, and let's start this exciting journey together – your dream home awaits!

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Initial Consultation 
Let's Get Acquainted

We will get to know you, your style, your goals, your challenges, and your budget.  We will explore the level of assistance you need and want, to achieve your goals.  You will have the opportunity to learn about us and our design philosophies.  These consultations are meant to be great fun as we explore the unique possibilities of your home!

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Let's Get Clear

We will present you with one to three proposals that outline what services mix we recommend and what we would deliver. We will go through the options with you  to make sure all of the outcomes meet your goals and that all of the options are fully understood.  If we need to make any tweaks to get just the right solution for you we will do this at this stage together.

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Let's Get Started

We agree on a final proposal, agree on the scope of work and target dates.  Now is the fun part we get started!  Based on your plan we will set a communication plan with regular reviews and low-stress project delivery.    We will have milestone check points to ensure we are delivering just what you need.  We want to make your home beautiful and for you to enjoy the process!

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Decorating Consultation

Know the direction you want to go but need a little help getting to the look you want?  Hesitant to use all-or-nothing design services?  This option is for those who could use some inspiration, guidance, visualization, or help finding that perfect item.

  • Mood Boards, Space Inspiration

  • Furniture Consultation

  • Lighting Consultation

  • Curated Shopping Lists

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Design Consultation

Need help figuring out what to do with that small space or finishing a room that hasn't turned out quite how you had hoped?  Want a complete plan you can then take and execute on your own?    We can help you visualize the changes, and provide a space plan.   

  • Room Layout Design

  • Room Visualization

  • Focal Point Planning (Feature Walls, Art Work, Built-Ins)

  • Small Space Designs (Entryways, Nooks)

  • Room Styling (No renovation redecorating)

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Design Execution

You want a great space, you have an idea of what you like but aren't sure where to start, and want to walk into a space that is what you envisioned without having to do the work to get there.  We can provide an easy stress-free Refresh of your space.

  • Mood Board, Space Inspiration

  • Full Design (room layout & visualization)

  • Shopping List Review

  • Design Installation

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Renovation Execution

You are ready to dive in and change your space.  You are ready for a design partner that understands your goals and can guide you to just the right look while executing high-quality craftsmanship.  Let us help you give your home the touches that make it uniquely yours!

  • Mood Board, Space Inspiration

  • Full Design (room layout & visualization)

  • Shopping List/Material Review

  • Design Build & Installation Including:

    • Painting, Wallpaper, Focal Walls

    • Built-Ins

    • Project Management 

Garage renovation with custom floors and cabinets


Organization Design

In need of more creative organization solutions?  Tired of your storage spaces feeling like caves or chaos?  We can help you plan and execute organization that will provide the beautiful function you have been dreaming of.

  • Mood Board, Space Inspiration

  • Full Design (room layout & visualization)

  • Shopping List/Material Review

  • Design Build & Installation Including:

    • Painting, Wallpaper

    • Built-Ins

    • Project Management 


Want to start Refreshing?  Schedule your initial design consultation today!

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