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  • Nicole Hardin

Adding Life to Unexpected Places

As promised, we have finished the hallway refresh and are excited to share how we expanded on our moody space.  As everyone navigates the chill of winter with its dormant gardens and bare trees, it's the perfect time to bring a burst of life inside our homes. While the outdoors retreats into hibernation, let's turn our focus inward and explore how incorporating plants into our decor can bring not only beauty but also a sense of vitality and renewal to our everyday spaces.

Bringing the Outside In

Plants are more than just foliage; they're living art pieces that can dramatically change the feel of a room. As we're surrounded by the starkness of winter, adding indoor plants can be a delightful contrast, offering a reminder of the lushness of nature even on the grayest days.

Decorating Unconventional Spaces

When we think about decorating with plants, the usual spots come to mind: living rooms, kitchens, perhaps bedrooms. But what about those often-overlooked areas we pass through daily? Hallways, entryways, even laundry rooms can be perfect canvases for plant art. In our hallway makeover project, we witnessed how a splash of dark paint revolutionized a mundane space. Imagine coupling that with the vibrant green of indoor plants – a marriage of moody elegance and natural beauty.

Elevating the Everyday

Consider placing a tall, leafy plant in a narrow hallway, transforming it into a serene green tunnel. Or a series of small potted plants on floating shelves in your bathroom, creating a mini oasis. It's about finding beauty in the everyday journey through our homes. Decorating these spaces isn't just about aesthetics; it's about enhancing our daily experience, making even the most routine walk through the hallway an encounter with beauty and calm.

Unexpected Ways to Display

Plants don't just have to sit in pots on the floor or shelves. Think hanging planters from the ceiling, wall-mounted leaves in artistic arrangements, or even a vertical garden if space allows. Each of these choices brings a unique flair and transforms your plants into living art installations.

Join Us on This Green Adventure

As we continue to explore exciting and innovative ways to refresh our homes in 2024, we invite you to join us in this verdant venture. Stay tuned for more inspiring ideas to make your home a sanctuary of style and nature.

Together, let's make 2024 a year where our homes don't just look good but feel alive with the beauty of nature. Remember, sometimes the most significant transformations begin with the smallest of changes, and it's all about bringing the art of nature into our living spaces.

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