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  • Nicole Hardin

Don't Forget Where Your Guests Go: Powder Room Refresh

A recent conversation with one of our insightful customers sparked an idea that we at Lake Refresh find absolutely share-worthy. She had a powder room that was functionally fine but aesthetically outdated.

Her realization was as simple as it was profound: while they had invested considerable resources in their master bath, the bathroom that all her guests inevitably used was the humble powder room.


This rings true for many of us. Powder rooms are often the afterthought of home design—small spaces often forgotten in the budgets. Yet, they stand as one of the most visited spots by friends and family. So why not give this pivotal space the attention it deserves?

We embraced the challenge to revamp her neglected powder room into a space echoing the rest of her home’s elegance. Here's how we created a splash with just a few thoughtful changes:

Dramatic Impact with Paint and Molding

Firstly, we tackled the walls. Our goal was to create drama and depth without overwhelming the small area. We chose a bold color to complement the existing fixtures and introduced detailed molding. Molding, often underestimated, can redefine a space, adding layers of sophistication without a hefty price tag. We are, to put it mildly, enthusiasts of the transformative power of trim work.

Smart, Custom Storage Solutions

The next ingenious addition was a custom built-in around the toilet. It's not just about concealing the necessary but not-so-pretty items like the trash bin or toilet cleaner; it's about doing it with style. This smart storage solution kept the room sleek and orderly while maximizing space efficiency.

Mirror and Lighting: Reflections of Style

We swapped the mirror for a larger, ornate one, immediately elevating the room’s look. A mirror is not just a tool for reflection—it’s an opportunity to make a statement. Alongside the mirror, we updated the lighting fixtures to something more modern and elegant, ensuring the room is bathed in a warm, welcoming light.

Artful Additions

Artwork is the silent ambassador of your style. In this powder room, we chose pieces that added personality and visual interest without cluttering the walls.

The Final Flourish

No renovation is complete without those final, thoughtful touches. A chic diffuser fills the air with a subtle fragrance, welcoming guests into a space that's not just refreshed, but truly revitalized.


This makeover journey has turned a once-overlooked room into a testament to the homeowner's taste and the home's overall beauty. It's a reminder to all of us that the powder room, while small, has immense potential to impress and delight.

At Lake Refresh, we believe that every inch of your home should reflect your personality and style, especially the spaces where your guests spend their time. It's not just about making a space that looks good—it’s about creating one that feels welcoming and complete. Let's not forget the powder room; it's time to give it the makeover it—and your guests—deserve.

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